AssetMatters is appointed by socially responsible financial institutions in relation to mortgage debt.

With a background in the not for profit sector, affordable housing, emergency accommodation, mediation, real estate and mortgagee sales; we understand all there is to understand.
Whatever the reason you are in this situation, the most important thing is that you act quickly. A few early steps now can get you back on the right track before you know it.

AssetMatters can assist by assessing your current situation, and based on the information provided, help guide you through the options available to you. We will always act in your best interest and where needed, assist with independant third party advice.

AssetMatters goal is to assist in making a positive change to your situation. This is achieved by individually tailored solutions in consultation with you.

Shelter is an important part of life.

However, it must be sustainable.

That is our goal.


Doing nothing is inappropriate and adds to what you owe as costs continue to accrue.

We believe this is not a safe position to be in, as you are constantly 'looking over your shoulder', stress levels can go through the roof at every knock on the door and you have the 'cold sweats' checking the letter box. You can't plan a future and such a state is unhealthy.

On the surface it would appear that there are few options available; mainly due to cash-flow restrictions; this is where Asset Matters can assist. We are not here to judge but we can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

Be one of these!


You can engage with us and once we have an overview of what your situation is, we will make suggestions that you can accept or reject. In almost all instances, if you could pay your mortgage you would; there may have been 'a one off event' that caused the current situation, so a review of the facility may be all that is required. It may be bigger than that and relocation is in order but how can you do something like that with no money - this where we can help.


You can do nothing and eviction should be expected, so where will you sleep and what happens to your belongings? You then have substantial costs added to your debt that did not need to occur.

Our experience is that most people know what has to be done; they just need assistance in getting there.

We are that assistance.


The outcomes we are seeking to assist you with are those that allow you to leave the stress behind and build a sustainable future that permits relationships, family, health and visions to flourish via economically maintainable shelter as a foundation for the next chapter in life. It may not be consistent with the dreams of a decade ago, but at least it is a foundation to create something for the coming decade and once again you have control over how that will look

Taking control of your future.

start dealing with your mortgage stress today


so you can move on with your life tomorrow

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